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turntupzankiefreak88 asked: oh i was wondering if you were still going to do a Ramsey one shot!? :D

I am. Right after the Griezmann one, which should be out soon :3 
i am a college freshman please forgive me this life is difficult

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Anonymous asked: That Olivier one shot was just too fucking good

Thank yoU! And the next Frenchie coming up —— ANTOINE!

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turntupzankiefreak88 asked: aw yay awesome! haha WINK :) & yesss i did like/love it! :D

Thank you so much for reading <3

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100-1-10 asked: Hey, for your Olivier Giroud's one shot, you have made a mistake. In french, we say "ma chérie" for a girl and not "mon chérie". :)

thank you so much, fixing it!