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Anonymous asked: I loooooooove your James Rodriguez story 💕can you pretty please maybe make a mesut özil or Toni kroos fanfic? I know it would be the best.

Thank you for your lovely words! I have a lot of Germans I’ll be writing about and those two are definitely on the list

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eruditemonk asked: "Bad Boy" -- Now, that was a very exquisite (and, funny too) one-shot! Kudos! :D


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shipsandrandomshizz asked: Hi!! It will Rain is intriguing me. I wanna see how these characters develop. I hope you'll keep posting and regularly :D

Hello! It Will Rain is a completed story thus I will be posting updates every day!

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Anonymous asked: I loved the banter between Julian and Erik in Dance, Dance!!! Really funny. “just because you had five minutes of fame when the Brazil game was completely decided, doesn’t mean you get to give me shit about not being subbed in.” was my favorite!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m really glad you liked it :)

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Anonymous asked: holy mackerel the last chapter was so good!!!!!!!! The suspense is killing me, when are you going to update your james rodriguez fanfic? Oh and please please continue with the Erik Durm oneshot!!!

HII! So I’ll update the James Rodriguez one shot very soon! 

Durm will keep appearing don’t worry!

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tyler-pawsey asked: That Hummels one shot was so adorable :3


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neonhairspray asked: Your Mats Hummels one shot .... *heavy breathing* Me gusta! (For the past few weeks i've been fangirling over him , so... :D )

THANK YOU!! I’ll start a Hummels full story once the James one is done :D