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Anonymous asked: Please post chapter 3 of 'It Will Rain'. I'm really loving it. It's nice t read fanfiction like yours. In a way, you seen to write from a very different perspective & I quite like it. :):):):)


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Anonymous asked: I really like the pique story so far!! You should keep posting :) xx

Thank you! i will!

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Anonymous asked: omg please continue either dance, dance or the dare i loooove them

i do have a plan for Erik, but not in continuation of those!

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Anonymous asked: Could you by any chance continue the Marco Reus one shot you wrote a while ago? :))

ahh that was just a one shot but I will have a German story soon which will feature Marco as a main character!

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Anonymous asked: Goodness gracious I am obsessed with your writings . You are the real MVP, keep up the great work.

aww thank you so so much!